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Please note that these publications can be obtained in paper format from the authors, or the UK Urban Ecology Forum Secretary.

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Date Author Title
April 2020 Collated by Judy Ling Wong CBE Culture Nature and Urban Spaces Sharing Best Practice grounded in nature-based solutions (PDF 35.6MB).
This E-book shares Best Practice examples presented at the World Urban Forum WUF10 at Abu Dhabi 2020. The examples were proposed by members of the UK Urban Ecology Forum.
September 2019 Ian Douglas 50 years change in urban land use and ecological planning globally in the era of design with nature (PDF 1.87MB). In Ecosystem Health and Sustainability.
ISSN: 2096-4129 (Print) 2332-8878 (Online) Journal
August 2017 Landlife Tale of Two Cities (PDF 4.79MB).
Report by Landlife for Grow Wild and Royal Botanical Gardens Kew and which is likely to have influence across both Manchester and Liverpool city regions and an evolving concept of a 'Northern Flower House'.
November 2016 Ian Douglas The challenge of urban poverty for the use of green infrastructure on floodplains and wetlands to reduce flood impacts in intertropical Africa (PDF 1050KB)
November 2015 Ian Douglas, editor Urban Ecology: Critical Concepts in Geography. 4 Volume set, 1st edition (PDF 80KB).
Ian Douglas has brought together in four volumes the canonical and the very best cutting-edge research. The collection enables users readily to comprehend the philosophies, theories, and history of Urban Ecology, and make sense of the biophysical character of the urban environment, and the diverse habitats found within it.
November 2014 Ian Douglas and Philip James Urban Ecology. An Introduction, Routledge, London.
July 2012 Judy Ling Wong Ethnic Environmental Participation. Volumes 1-5. Published by Black Environment Network.
Available from the Black Environment Network.
July 2012 Judy Ling Wong and Rachel Auckland Ethnic Communities and Green Spaces - Guidance for Green Space Managers. Published by Black Environment Network.
Available from the Black Environment Network.
December 2010 Ian Douglas, David Goode, Michael C Houck and Rusong Wang (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Urban Ecology, Routledge, Oxford.  
February 2010 Ambra Burls, Grant Luscombe and Alison Millward. Discover Yourself Outside (PDF, 2390KB).
October 2009 EuroMAB. Doing Together-Learning Together (PDF, 2290KB).
May 2008 Edited by Gerald Dawe and Alison Millward. ‘Statins and Greenspaces’: Health and the Urban Environment (PDF, 2440KB).
Proceedings of a conference held by the UK-MAB Urban Forum at University College London (UCL)
2008 Grant Luscombe, Richard Scott and Damian Young Soil Inversion Works (PDF, 3750KB).
Published by Landlife, National Wildflower Centre.
2007 Peter Shirley The Endless Village revisited (PDF, 1040KB).
The original The Endless Village publication was 1978.
Nov 2007 John Box, Steve Berry, Ian Angus, Peter Cush and Pete Frost Planning Local Nature Reserves (PDF, 720KB).
Published in Town and Country Planning.
May 2007 John Box Increasing the Supply of Local Nature Reserves (PDF, 655KB). Published in Town and Country Planning.
Apr. 2007 John Box and George Baker Green Grids and Design Codes (PDF, 544KB).
Published in Town and Country Planning.
2007 Ambra Burls People and Green Spaces: Promoting Public Health and Mental Well-being Through Ecotherapy (PDF, 410KB).
Published in Journal of Public Mental Health.
Mar 2006 David Goode Report to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (PDF, 170KB).
Nov 2005 Ambra Burls and Woody Caan Human Health and Nature Conservation (PDF, 132KB).
Published in BMJ.
2004 Ambra Burls and Woody Caan Social Exclusion and Embracement : A Helpful Concept? (PDF, 4040KB).
Published in Primary Health Care, Research and Development,
Oct 2003 UK-MAB Urban Forum The UK-MAB Urban Forum Conference poster (PDF, 94KB).
Presented at Urban Biosphere & society: Partnership of Cities, New York Academy of Sciences.
Mar. 2003 Chris Gordon & Peter Shirley All Things to All People – Parks and Semi-Natural Open Spaces in 21st Century Britain (PDF, 249KB).
Edited version published in Landscape Design.
Jul. 2002 Chris Gordon & Peter Shirley All Things to All People – Parks and Semi-Natural Open Spaces in 21st Century Britain (PDF, 253KB).
Jul. 2002 Greater London Authority Connecting with London's Nature. The Mayor of London's Biodiversity Strategy (PDF, 2690KB).
May 2002 Graham Turnbull (London Wildlife Trust) Review of the UK MAB Urban Wildlife Award for Excellence (PDF, 153KB).
Commissioned by the UK MAB Urban Forum.
Jul./Aug. 2001 Pete Frost Urban Biosphere Reserves: re-integrating people with the natural environment (PDF, 233KB).
(reproduced with permission from Town and Country Planning).
May 2000 Ian Douglas & John Box The Changing Relationship Between Cities and Biosphere Reserves (PDF, 130KB).
Apr. 2000 George Barker EuroMAB Work in Urban Areas (PDF, 19KB).
Summary of the UK-MAB Committee's Urban Forum.
2000 Edited by George Barker Ecological Recombination in Urban Areas: Implications for Nature Conservation.
Published by English Nature, Peterborough.
1999 John Box & Peter Shirley Biodiversity, Brownfield Sites and Housing (PDF, 1080KB).
Published in Town & Country Planning 68: 306-309.
1999 Peter Shirley & JohnBox Biodiversity, Brownfield Sites and Housing: Quality of Life Issues for People and Wildlife.
Published by the Urban Wildlife Partnership, Newark.
1999 Ian Barrett Urban Nature Areas and Practical Nature ConservationActivities – benefits for mental health and well being?
Urban Forum Discussion Paper.
1998 Ian Barrett Involvement in Practical Nature Conservation:Benefits for Mental Health.
Urban Forum DiscussionPaper.
1998 John Box & George Barker Delivering Sustainability Through Local Nature Reserves ((PDF, 1300KB).
Published in Town & Country Planning67: 360-363.
1998 GMA Barker & JD Box Statutory Local Nature Reserves in the United Kingdom (PDF, 975KB).
Published in the Journal of Environmental Planningand Management 41: 629-642.
1998 UK-MAB Urban Forum Local Nature Reserves: A Time for Reflection:a time for new action.
Urban Forum discussion paper.
Jan. 1998 MaB Urban Forum Local Nature Reserves. A Time for Reflection: a time for new action (PDF, 6790KB).
1997 George Barker A Framework for the Future: green networks with multiple uses in and around towns and cities.
English Nature Research Report No.256.
1996 Luscombe et al Creative Conservation - Developing guidelines with the Urban Wildlife Partnership.
Leaflet published by the Urban Wildlife Partnership.
1996 George Barker Ecological Characterisation of Settlements.
Urban Forum Discussion Paper.
1995 Harrison, Burgess, Milward & Dawe Accessible Natural Greenspace in Towns and Cities: A review of appropriate size and distance criteria.
English Nature Research Report No 153.
1993 J Box & C Harrison Natural Spaces in Urban Places (PDF, 1660KB).
Published in Town & Country Planning, 62:231-235.
1993 John Box & Carolyn Harrison Standards for the Provision of Natural Open Space.
Urban Forum Discussion Paper. (Edited version published as Natural Spaces in Urban Places.)
1992 Ian Douglas Human Ecology and the Urban Environment.
Urban Forum Discussion Paper.

Draft papers and reports

Date Author Title
Sep. 2005 Ian Douglas Urban Greenspace and Mental Health (PDF, 141KB).
May 2005 Peter Jarvis and Christopher Young The Mapping of Urban Habitats and its Evaluation. (PDF, 764KB).
Feb 2005 Gerald Dawe Street Trees and Sustainability (PDF, 96KB).

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