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Speaker Date Presentation title
Nick Grayson.
Birmingham City Council.
May 2018 Liveable Cities. A system change for 25 YEP, (PDF, 745KB).
Do street trees have a future?
A conference hosted by The UK UNESCO Man and Biosphere (MAB) Urban Forum, 12th May 2010 at University College London (UK).
(More information on this conference)
Speaker Date Presentation title
Dr. Hazel Conway
Garden History Society, Victorian Society and Open Spaces Society.
May 2010 The Development of Tree-Lined Streets and Avenues 1860-1930 (PDF, 3940KB).
Gerald Dawe and Ambra Burls
UK UNESCO MAB Urban Forum.
May 2010 Felling of Mature / Semi-Mature Street Trees
–Community Reaction and Consequences
, (PDF, 2070KB).
Katie Roberts
Trees for Cities.
May 2010 Trees for Cities, (PDF, 5480KB). 
Gerald Dawe
UK UNESCO MAB Urban Forum.
May 2010 Benefits of Street Trees, (PDF, 270KB). 
Justine Hall
University of Manchester.
May 2010 Trees in High Density Housing Areas -
Location, Potential and Stakeholder Opinions
, (PDF, 1010KB).
Sophie Huxley
Huxley Scientific Press.
May 2010 Oxford Trees, (PDF, 4510KB).
Dr Ian Rotherham
Sheffield Hallam University.
May 2010 The Politics and Economics of Urban Street Trees, (PDF, 1850KB).
Susan Trangmar, Peter Coles, Paul Halliday,
Ingrid Pollard and Gesche Würfel
University of London.
May 2010 A Forest of Signs: Imagining trees in the urban landscape, (PDF, 1780KB).
Speaker Date Presentation title
Nigel Dunnett.
Director of Green Roof Centre, University of Sheffield
Dec. 2009 Breathing Life into Problem Places (PDF, 5700KB).
John Little.
The Grass Roof Company
Dec. 2009 Managing Urban Greenspace (PDF, 7900KB).
Jamie Roberts.
Biodiversity Projects Manager
Dec. 2008 Conserving Brownfield Biodiversity (PDF, 2000KB).
Statins and Greenspaces - Health and the Urban Environment'
A conference hosted by The Urban Forum and UCL Environment Institute March 27th 2007.
(More information on this conference)
Speaker Date Presentation title
Edited by Gerald Dawe and Alison Millward May 2008 Proceedings of the conference (PDF, 2440KB), held by the UK-MAB Urban Forum at University College London.
Dr Russell Jones,
Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH) & Clyde Valley Greenspace Network
Mar. 2007 Choice, individualism and risk perception in two contrasting areas of Glasgow, (PDF, 1710KB).
Prof. Ian Douglas,
University of Manchester
Mar. 2007 Psychological and mental health benefits from nature and urban greenspace, (PDF, 785KB). 
Dr Carolyn Stephens,
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Mar. 2007 Urban health in the majority world and the need for environmental justice, (PDF, 1830KB). 
Prof. Monique Simmonds,.
Royal Botanic Gardens
Mar. 2007 Kew biodiversity and health, (PDF, 2240KB).
Dr Liz O'Brien,
Forestry Commission
Mar. 2007 Health and well-being benefits of enjoying and using woodlands': The Forestry Commission research and evaluation, (PDF, 1240KB).
Dr William Bird,
Natural England
Mar. 2007 The natural environment: Our natural health service, (PDF, 667KB).
Dr Pete Dixon,
TEP Consultants
Mar. 2007 Health and the urban environment: Mapping community health in relation to urban greenspace, (PDF, 1780KB).
Presentations from Professor John Handley and Susannah Gill of the Centre for Urban and Regional Ecology given at the Urban Forum meeting 23 February 2005.
Part of CURE's work within the ASSCUE project.
Speaker Date Presentation title
John Handley and Susannah Gill Feb. 2005 Green infrastructure for climate change adaptation (PDF, 1790KB),
Susannah Gill Feb. 2005 Urban Greenspace and Climate Change, (PDF, 1830KB).